About Bill Savino

An alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology, Bill Savino graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. For the first decade of his career, Savino held various positions including sales engineering, IT support and inside sales positions with Hockman-Lewis Ltd., a New Jersey-based export management company serving the petroleum and general industrial sectors. He helped the small company realize consistent growth, meeting or surpassing his $2 to $3 million yearly revenue goal six out of seven years. Following his tenure with Hockman-Lewis, Bill Savino joined NCR Corporation as a Product Manager, spearheading marketing plans for hardware, software, and services in the Teradata Division, which was devoted to the development of massively scalable databases and now is a separate company spun out of NCR. Savino subsequently transitioned to the role of Product Planner at NCR, where he improved the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software while increasing targeted customer segments. Bill then joined Lucent Technologies in a market planning capacity, and in the Fall of 2000 accepted a senior marketing position with the Lucent spin-off Avaya, Inc., in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Serving with Avaya from its inception in October 2000 to 2008, Bill Savino played a pivotal role in developing Avaya Hosted and Managed Solutions into a profitable operation. Savino leveraged a $1 million research budget to help the division break even in just two and a half years. In addition, he supported strategic partnerships with major telecommunications companies to further expand the business. In 2006, Bill Savino shifted his focus at Avaya to exploring adjacent market revenue opportunities, creating investment models for the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. With his extensive product marketing and research experience, Savino took over as the National Marketing Manager for Business Communication Solutions at Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Working out of Secaucus, New Jersey, Bill Savino oversees the entire nationwide marketing campaign for the department. He has initiated major changes since joining the division, implementing a new portfolio positioning and directing the launch of the flagship PBX product line.


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